A Bunch Of Facts You Might Not Find On My Resume...

              Or anywhere else for that fact.      






Born and raised in Philadelphia (Go Phils!), Kelberg's career as a baseball player was quickly derailed after he became an All-Star LEFT-HANDED catcher.  How many MLB left-handed catchers can you name?  He still has his Mizuno catchers mitt and lists hitting a grandslam at the


Somerton fields as one of the great pillars of his childhood  (there's more to the story). Growingup in Northeast Philly and enjoying such cultural icons as Jack's Deli, The Orlean's Movie Theatre and the Leo Mall, Kelberg still enjoys debating, which pizza shop had the better slice in the 80's, (Aldo's or Angelo's) both of which still stand.  Michael enjoyed his time with the woodwind family playing clarinet, saxophone, bassoon and embarrassingly the oboe for a short period.  


With a B.A. in Journalism from Temple University (Go Owls!)  Kelberg headed to NYC in 1996 and studied at HB Studio, The Simon Studio and UCB amongst others and embarked on quite a successful Off-Off Broadway career with roles in The National Tour of the "Outsiders," Uncle Jeb's Farm and Miss Majesty's Playhouse often over-scarring the kids as Kay in Santa and The Snow Queen. He also revelled in transforming from Humpty Dumpty into a prince in Humpty Dumpty Falls in Love. His first television appearance on Real Stories of the Highway Patrol saw his left wrist and beloved '88, 4x4, Chevy Blazer getting more screen time than himself.  While continuing to find his way in the acting world Kelberg held jobs such as Guy Friday, Hebrew school teacher, youth group advisor, camp counselor, program assistant and even ran a single's group.  Having never waited tables, (though a buss-boy for two-weeks as a teen,) Kelberg is unable to comment on the starving-actor-waiter-persona, though he can empathize having budgeted $2.25 for a bagel and a slice of Koronet's Pizza (BW @ 110th St.) for meals in the '90s.


After bringing Lacey the dog into the family with then girlfriend, now wife Becky and not getting their lease renewed  (because of Lacey) at the legendary railroad apartment at 109th & Amsterdam (before triple digits were popular) they moved around the corner to 110th Street to almost triple the rent, but boy did we get closets and a 1/2 block closer to the subway!


Kelberg enjoys not breaking his left ankle for the forth time, playing basketball and softball, is an avid watcher of movies and  no longer will ever do leaf blowing again.  (They just blow back.) Hire someone if you can!


He is married to Becky, a social worker and have two children, Lila, 10 and Lucas 7 and after Lacey's passing (14.5 years) recently welcome a rescue Boxer Mix, Stella!!!